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Man tutoring a student


Target Audience: Year/Grade 3 or 4 students reading below grade-level

These lessons encompass all of the below reading components and are designed for 30- to 60-minute small group or one-on-one instruction for students who demonstrate below-average reading skills.

Series of lessons targeting the most frequently occurring orthographic-phonological letter teams.

A series of sight word reading lists with worksheets to record students' speed and accuracy.

Set of reading passages with instructions to help primary grade students become fluent readers. With progress monitoring graph.

Lessons showing various ways to teach several important primary grade vocabulary.

A series of longer reading passages to help develop students' reading stamina and develop their reading comprehension skills. Along with comprehension questions.

Accompanying audio recording of grade-level reading comprehension passages. Students with severe word reading deficits can listen to the audio recordings to build vocabulary knowledge and background knowledge before answering questions.

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