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Reading Intervention Programs

All lessons are free to download and share.

Primary School Children

Our specialized reading enhancement lessons are meticulously crafted for primary school students aged 7 to 10 years, catering specifically to those facing difficulties with reading tasks. These educational interventions are designed with flexibility in mind, suitable for both small group learning environments and individualized one-on-one tutoring sessions. Lessons target students' word reading skills, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and strategies to improve reading comprehension.

Tutoring a Student
Reviewing Essay

High School Students

These lessons are specifically developed for high school students aged 11 to 15, particularly those encountering difficulties in reading and comprehending texts at their age level. These educational resources span a variety of subjects, including Geography, History, and Personal Health, ensuring a well-rounded approach to overcoming reading challenges. Lessons target students' word reading skills, reading fluency, critical thinking, inference making, background knowledge development, writing-skill development, and learning strategies to comprehend text.

Our aim is to empower students to confidently navigate their school curriculum, transforming reading from a barrier to a bridge towards academic success and personal growth. By focusing on these crucial aspects of reading development, we are committed to helping students unlock their potential and achieve their educational goals.

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